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New Students Only* Ages 7+

My daughter (7 yr old) recently joined Hwang’s and she is completely entrenched the classes. She finds this far more interesting than her any of her other activities such as soccer, dance, gymnastics, horse riding and we believe it is attributed to the instructors. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing. They provide one-on-one instructions when necessary and really take the time to make it an enjoyable experience for all.


Hwang’s Martial Arts – Children’s Taekwondo Classes

Our children’s program revolves around building the character and confidence of our students. Our positive, supportive, and professional teaching staff use martial arts to consciously bring out the best in each child, bringing him up to a level he probably does not think possible at first. Our technical skills are specific and our standards are high because we know children are capable of excellence.

Our classes are designed to build self-control, confidence, respect, self-discipline, focus, and moral character. This is all done through the vehicle of the martial arts, so the child is learning real martial art skills in a practical, but fun, way. The children’s curriculum closely mirrors the adult curriculum in self-defense skills and combative techniques, but children are taught using developmental and age appropriate methods.