Adult Martial Arts

Self-Defense: Training students to be well rounded martial artists is a primary focus at Hwang’s Martial Arts. Our traditional program combines a martial art with thousands of years of history with Brazilain jiu-jitsu and the modern training methods of krav maga. Students learn to defend themselves while standing up, on the ground, and defenses against weapons. Another option for adults and older teens is our specific Krav Maga classes which follow the standards and techniques used by the Israeli National Defense Forces.

Fitness: Martial arts training incorporates all over strength training, anaerobic conditioning, agility, flexibility, coordination, focus and much more. Mental health is also improved by the reduction in stress and improved sense of positivity and well being. Training at Hwang’s will do for adults as it does for children: improving focus, self-discipline, confidence, and health in a serious and respectful atmosphere.

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