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Kids Martial Arts

Growing up at Hwang’s Martial Arts provides a foundation for a lifetime of success.  No other sport or activity specifically focuses on developing a child’s character and improving behavior like a great children’s martial arts program, and we offer just that.  Parents at Hwang’s Martial Arts find their children have:

* Developed Focus and Concentration
* Improved Self-Control
* Greater Self-Esteem
* Better Grades
* Leadership Development
* Goal Setting and Accomplishment
* A Habit of Excellence
* Realistic Self-Defense

We teach with the goal of drawing forth the best from each child and achieve that by leading inspiring, challenging, and fun classes all the way to black belt!

 * New Students Only

My daughter (7 yr old) recently joined Hwang’s and she is completely entrenched the classes. She finds this far more interesting than her any of her other activities such as soccer, dance, gymnastics, horse riding and we believe it is attributed to the instructors. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing. They provide one-on-one instructions when necessary and really take the time to make it an enjoyable experience for all.