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Matt and Kristina are great instructors. I have been training at the club for awhile now and love the energy and the group dynamic ... Read More

Gleb Popoff

Matt and Kristina are phenomenal! I love the classes here and they’re so much fun. The atmosphere is welcoming and accepting but also pushes you keep having self improvement. It’s definitely been a journey and I’ve been able to challenge myself during training. I can’t imagine training anywhere else. ... Read More

Laura Rodriguez

Master Hwang is an incredibly insightful, knowledgeable, and skillful teacher. She takes the time to learn each and everything students learning styles, advantages, and challenges and helps her staff do the same. Both the instructors and the students actively build a strong culture highlighting self discipline, mutual respect, teamwork, and self confidence. It’s a common sight to see... Read More

Coraleigh Little

Kids Martial Arts near Palm Beach Gardens

Kids Martial Arts

Your child can build a foundation for a lifetime of success in our Kids Martial Arts classes. We combine Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Krav Maga techniques to give your child realistic self-defense skills while developing important mental and social skills. Join us in Palm Beach Gardens today!

Kids Martial Arts near Palm Beach Gardens

Krav Maga

Are you looking for a practical self-defense system that can be learned easily and applied quickly? Hwang's Martial Arts offers South Florida's only Krav Maga Alliance affiliated training center. Come learn the basics from our black-belt level instructors. Your first class is always free!

Kids Martial Arts near Palm Beach Gardens

Teen and Adult Martial Arts

At Hwang's Martial Arts we offer well-balanced training combining traditional Jiu-Jitsu with contemporary Krav Maga to will help you to stay fit in body and mind. If you are interested in honing your focus and relieving stress while building strength, agility, flexibility and coordination, join us in Palm Beach Gardens for a free trial class.

The best self-defense and fitness training in Palm Beach Gardens

Are you looking for a creative way to give your child or teen the tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond? Or perhaps you're an adult that is seeking an engaging activity to stay fit and relieve the stress from the workday in a setting where you can meet new people. Or, maybe you just want to acquire basic self-defense skills that have you feeling confident that you could defend yourself and your family in an unexpected, dangerous situation. Whatever your goals, Hwang's Martial Arts is here to help you achieve them. We have been teaching in Palm Beach Gardens for over 20 years, and have trained thousands of students in a combination of TaeKwonDo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Krav Maga. Our experienced instructors are committed to helping you transform a desire to stay fit, increase your focus, relieve stress, and discipline yourself toward achieving tangible goals into a love for martial arts practice. Plus, you'll be joining a community of like-minded students and establishing lifelong relationships. Interested in achieving mental and physical fitness? Get started by filling out the form on your screen.

Kids Martial Arts near Palm Beach Gardens
Hwang's Martial Arts

What Does Martial Arts Training Offer Beyond the Gym?

Our martial arts training for kids, teens, and adults offers a wealth of benefits for our students

Confidence & Self-Esteem in Palm Beach Gardens - Hwang's Martial Arts

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Whether you are hoping to give your child or teen the opportunity to gain self-esteem through goal-setting and achievement, or you are an adult looking for more confidence that you could protect yourself in a dangerous situation, the impact of martial arts training of your mental well-being is a lifelong gift.

Discipline & Self-Control in Palm Beach Gardens - Hwang's Martial Arts

Discipline & Self-Control

One of the amazing things about martial arts training is the way the physical discipline and self-control utilized in the gym leads to increased focus, more respect for self and others, and path to more achievement in school, the office, or at home.

Self-Defense in Palm Beach Gardens - Hwang's Martial Arts


Martial Arts training is more than just ancient and abstract techniques meant to be performed or utilized only in friendly competition. Self-Defense training like our Krav Maga program provides students the confidence that they can protect themselves in the real world.

New Friends & Mentors in Palm Beach Gardens - Hwang's Martial Arts

New Friends & Mentors

Joining a martial arts school is more than just joining a gym to get fit. It's also joining a community. Here, you'll find instructors committed to helping you reach your goals. You'll find like-minded classmates who challenge and inspire you. And you might just find friends and mentors that last a lifetime.

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