Matt and Kristina are great instructors. I have been training at the club for awhile now and love the energy and the group dynamic

Gleb Popoff

Matt and Kristina are phenomenal! I love the classes here and they’re so much fun. The atmosphere is welcoming and accepting but also pushes you keep having self improvement. It’s definitely been a journey and I’ve been able to challenge myself during training. I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

Laura Rodriguez

Master Hwang is an incredibly insightful, knowledgeable, and skillful teacher. She takes the time to learn each and everything students learning styles, advantages, and challenges and helps her staff do the same. Both the instructors and the students actively build a strong culture highlighting self discipline, mutual respect, teamwork, and self confidence. It’s a common sight to see students collaborating, developing friendships, and cheering eachother on. Martial arts is a valuable part of my lifestyle and Hwang’s is the best combination of culture and instruction I’ve encountered.

Coraleigh Little

An excellent establishment, with expert instructors who genuinely care about the growth and well-being of their students. With each class, I learn something new and further develop my skills. Self-defense is vital, and in the Krav classes they teach, you learn intuitive, powerful moves that leave you feeling more confident and capable every day. Kristina and Matt are incredible instructors who take the time to make sure you fully understand the moves, and the practical applications of each move in the real world. The classes are interactive, challenging and lots of fun. I've learned so much since I've joined, and can't wait for my next class!

Renaa Maia e Needell

Hwang's martial arts is a true family environment. There are literally students that have been with Kristina, the founding instructor, for over a dozen years. I have been going there for over a year and really enjoy the knowledge of all the instructors, their intelligent approach to martial arts, and the type of people the place attracts. This place is great and has a great mix of young kids, young adults, older adults, mixed genders and everything in between.

Daniel Lofaso

My granddaughter is thriving with ms hwang and we are thrilled that she incorporates the self defense. As a teenage girl in this day and age she will be better prepared to defend herself and is gaining confidence with every class. She has her spar with adult men and women as well so that she has a more realistic idea of a full size threat.

Helen Levinson

My daughter (7 yr old) recently joined Hwang's and she is completely entrenched the classes. She finds this far more interesting than her any of her other activities such as soccer, dance, gymnastics, horse riding and we believe it is attributed to the instructors. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing. They provide one-on-one instructions when necessary and really take the time to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Don Burwell

Have been attending the Krav class for about 3 months now and really enjoy it. Matt and Kristina are Great instructors, they make it easy to catch on quick. I would definitely recommend this class for anybody looking to learn self defense and wants to push themselves.

Aleks Radanovich

I took the most amazing intro class today. I feel empowered and I feel capable of defending myself...after 1 class!!! Amazing teachers!

G Knoth

Amazing atmosphere, excellent teaching, great workouts and practical self defense exercises. Both the students and the instructors are friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend signing up. It's worth every penny - and then some.

Bryan Jenkins

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